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                大學英光芒語六級題庫/閱讀理解 Section C

                         Many bankers may be worried about whether some fancy product dreamed up might yetlead to a visit from the police. Daniel Dantas, a financier, who has profited by operating at themiddle place where business and government meet in Brazil, has been opening the door to findthe police outside for much of the past decade. On December 2nd he was convicted of a less sophisticated crime: trying tobribe police officers. Mr. Dantas, who has acquired great notoriety in Brazil, was fined $ 5million and sentenced to ten years in prison. He has appealed against his conviction.

                  The charge stems from a police investigation into money-laundering (洗錢)known asOperation Satiagraha. It grew out of a previous investigation into Mr. Dantas' use of Kroll, asecurity consultancy, to watch over his business partners. During this investigation the policeseized a computer from Opportunity, Mr. Dantas's investment bank, which contained datafrom the mid-1990s to 2004 and apparently showed suspicious movements of money.

                  The judge found that Mr. Dantas tried to pay bribes, via two go-betweens, to keep hisname out of the Satiagraha investigation. A man fitted with a bugging device was offered $1million in cash, with another $ 4 million to follow, the police say. They claim that Mr. Dantas'strick involved money travelling to the Cayman Islands, then via the British Virgin Islands to anaccount in Ireland, on to Delaware, and then re-entering Brazil as foreign investment.

                  For Mr. Dantas his crime is a steep fall from grace. A man who sleeps little and socializesless, he is a vegetarian and self-made billionaire, a gifted financier who has serially fallen outwith his business partners. He once controlled a large telecoms firm, acting for investors whoincluded Citigroup. He says he is the victim of a conspiracy mounted by the government.

                  It is Mr. Dantas' supposed influence in government circles that has added to his notoriety.During the1990s, when many state-owned businesses were privatized, Mr. Dantas positionedhimself as the man with the needed expertise and contacts. He enjoyed easy access to thegovernment of President Femando Henrique Cardoso, including meetings with the presidenthimself. That influence carried through into the government of President Luiz Inacio Lula daSilva. Mr. Dantas is alleged to have been one of the funders of a cash-for-votes scheme inBrazil's  Congress mounted by leaders of Lula's Workers' Party in 2003-2004. Many of thosewho have had dealings with Mr. Dantas insist that these have been legitimate and conducted ingood faith. They include Luiz Eduardo Greenhalgh, a lawyer and PT politician, whom he hired asa consultant.

                1.[單選題] How did the police convict the charge against Mr. Dantas according to the passage?
                • A.hey seized a computer by chance and got some evidence.
                • B.They directly conducted a probe into him.
                • C.They found he tempered police officers to delete his name.
                • D.They questioned him and made sure the process of money-laundering.
                2.[單選題] What kind of crime was Daniel Dantas convicted of according to the passage?
                • A.A crime quite experienced and tactful.
                • B.A crime by operating at the middle place.
                • C.A crime attempting to temper police to work for him.
                • D.A crime in money-laundering.
                3.[單選題]What kind of relationship is reflected between Mr. Dantas and government in the passage?
                • A.His influence on government may reduce his notoriety and crime.
                • B.In business privatization, he participated with demanding expertise.
                • C.He never meets the President himself.
                • D.People knowing him deem that he was sheer evil.
                4.[單選題]What can we learn about Mr. Dantas according to the passage?
                • A.He is a gifted financier and less socialized person.
                • B.He always enjoys notorious fame in economic and political field.
                • C.He is a vegetarian who likes making food by himself.
                • D.His tragedy was mounted by the government conspiracy.
                5.[單選題]Mr. Dantas's relationship with his business partners is that __
                • A.he usually gets along well with them
                • B.he does not have a good relationship with them
                • C.he totally trusts all of his business partners
                • D.he believes that they make him a victim
                參考答案: C,C,B,A,B