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                Cooperation Partner
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                Cooperation Partner
                Cooperation Partner

                After developing for 20 years, Aimbon has grown from a small group of several people to a company with a professional team of product analysis, design, manufacture, assembling and testing. Our aim is not only to provide highest-quality productions but also the best service. 

                Aimbon has cooperated with thousands of enterprises such as Monarch, Smart Mi, Maccura, SpaceChina, China FAW Group, etc. 

                • HOTLINE 028-88451919

                • EMAIL ji.zhou@aimbon.com

                • ADDRESS Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Economic Development Zone, Donghua Road, No. 2


                Business Manager:Mr. Zhou  15882085070     Business Manager:Mr. Pi  13730876006    Business Manager:Mr. Jiang 13881920668

                Sichuan ICP prepared 13025879-1  Number

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