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                About Us
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                Technical Service

                Customer first is Aimbon' service aim. Located in the modern industry zone, possessing world-class facilities and a professional work team, we promise that we can provide the customers with instant and effective service on mould and products design and production.


                Service Provided

                Provide effective technical evaluation and support in planning phase

                Provide maximized supplementary service

                Provide 7*12 hour telephone service and door to door service in week days

                Provide package and transportation service

                Technical Support Tel: 028-88451919

                • HOTLINE 028-88451919

                • EMAIL ji.zhou@aimbon.com

                • ADDRESS Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Economic Development Zone, Donghua Road, No. 2


                Business Manager:Mr. Zhou  15882085070     Business Manager:Mr. Pi  13730876006    Business Manager:Mr. Jiang 13881920668

                Sichuan ICP prepared 13025879-1  Number

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