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                About Us
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                About Us

                Sichuan Aimbon Mould Co., Ltd was incorporated in 2006 in Chengdu Mould Industry Zone. It focuses on product Industrial design, mould manufacture, plastic products manufacture and related product development. We aim to provide the customers with high-quality products as well as comprehensive and professional service. We adhere to be innovative so that we can lead the market development.

                Aimbon is an integration company with a professional team made up of industrial design center, mould division, component manufacture division and automation division, etc. We have world-class facilities such as Makino and AgieCharmilles. We learn from practice and trails. We respect every one of this field and we have been communicating and cooperating with high schools, technical institutions, enterprises and experts of this field all the time.

                Now, after exploration for more than ten years, we have become one of the leading corporations in designing and manufacturing liquor packages, electronics, medical equipments, vehicle accessories and opto-mechatronics automation devices.

                • HOTLINE 028-88451919

                • EMAIL ji.zhou@aimbon.com

                • ADDRESS Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Economic Development Zone, Donghua Road, No. 2


                Business Manager:Mr. Zhou  15882085070     Business Manager:Mr. Pi  13730876006    Business Manager:Mr. Jiang 13881920668

                Sichuan ICP prepared 13025879-1  Number

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